Truth-Right Path to a Humble Life


Truth-Right Path to a Humble Life

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

HONESTY: A lot of people have got the idea of living life to the fullest, wrong. The true essence of living does not lie in purchasing expensive merchandises. True happiness lies in being honest.

A honest person will always be welcomed wherever he or she goes. An honest person’s body is always light as he or she does not have to carry a bundle of lies and excuses through their journey in life.

You may find that to remain truthful in certain circumstances is difficult, as you have to face criticism. If you are able to gain the mind power to train yourself to choose truth then you are definitely on the right path to a peaceful life. Remember, a wise individual never boasts about things he or she does not know.

They are always considered intelligent human beings. In life we all go through a metamorphic process. While we undergo all these changes we experience life in a different light. We begin to learn things through our experience. Recently one of my friends called up everyone and said she was going abroad.

She obviously must have forgotten to inform her family about her lie as all of us decided to give her a call, her mother said she was in the kitchen. When we inquired about our friend’s trip her mother was clueless and stunned.

Lies can do unimaginable harm to your personal character and credibility. When you become recognised as a liar, people tend to stamp you with a permanent seal stating unreliable.

This statement affects you personally as well as professionally. Misleading people may seem forgivable at the first glance but you are wrong. It is essential that we inform people the truth, if we mislead 10 people, the 10 will follow your example and mislead others which will lead to a complete disaster zone.

Honest human beings can build a healthier and a more prosperous tomorrow for everyone. When we become recognised internationally as honest and reliable it enhances and opens more doors for foreign investment.

Honesty and reliability are two key points people look for in business partners. When you pocess these two qualities long term partnerships become reality.

When you choose to lie you are deceiving your heart into believing that what you are doing is right. When you take the relationship between a lawyer and a client, the client has to be completely honest with the lawyer about the case.

If the client hides any information or tries to cover up the story with lies, the client will definitely face trial problems.

Similarly, if a patient goes to a doctor for a check up, the doctor must always be honest with the patient about the patient’s true condition. If the doctor lies to make the patient feel better, the patient is being deprived of very important information.

I believe beauty lies in honesty. I was filming a new movie in Mahiyanganaya this week and I made friends with an eight year old Weddah girl.

Kalyani loves to sing. She started singing for me and after awhile she suddenly realised that she had forgotten the next verse. Instead of making up the rest of the verse she paused and said “aney akka, ithurru tika mama danney naha ney” (sister I’m afraid I don’t know the rest).

There are a lot of lessons in life that you can learn from. What Kalyani did was a brave deed. She admitted that she didn’t know the rest of the song. At her age to have the knowledge to admit the truth is a huge achievement.

It takes a big heart and a strong mind to admit that you are wrong. Even if a grown up is caught red handed doing something wrong that person will not hesitate to lie and make excuses.

If we can instill such qualities in our loved ones and in our community less felonies and crimes will be made in the world. The truth is definitely the right path. Follow it.