Time And Tide Waits For No Man


Time And Tide Waits For No Man

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

I’m baffled at how time just flies . Thinking about my life and what he future holds for me brought to mind a silent partner who brings on the good, the bad, the silent and the memorable. A partner who will never stop reminding me that my life is being clocked tick tock tick tock.

Days, months and years go by while the moments still remain frozen in my mind. Something I should have said, something I should have done comes to mind all the time. Will everything be alright? The wind feels different, the people who pass me by day by day look at me differently.

Am I different? Why do I feel the same? Should I change? Something’s pushing my spirit down and choking my heart. It’s hard to breathe I feel like someones trying to take my breath away with the wrong intentions. I’m not content and I’m not okay with this intent. It’s hard to tell as time has shunned me it just keeps going back and not forward.

Time lies, it promises that tomorrow will be better than today and that today will stop you regretting for yesterday.

One would think that at least time would be honest unlike us humans, yet we forget that time was invented by man itself. I run away from time, I try to hide behind time, yet forget all else I honour time and yet time refuses to form any permanent bonds with me. It refrains from any relationship so that it does not favour me and get tangled in my emotional dilemmas.

Birth and death are a part of time’s duties, it is what is recorded as our arrival and departure time in this world. All the time spent in between are never remembered so all we have to pass on to our ancestors are whatever we leave behind. Time is so human so completely materialistic. Miliseconds , seconds, minutes , hours, days, months, years, centuries and moments.

Time and tide and waits for no one. Time to heal is never extended. Times of happiness rarely find themselves on replay, times of sadness never seem to get erased.

You’ve made your point we get that time talks, we get that time haunts but you know what time? You can’t feel! You can’t feel and you don’t have needs yet I do so don’t think you know it all cause I’m the one who goes through it all while you are the one who just puts me through it. Let’s retaliate, stand up, fight off what’s thrown at us and let’s slow down. Seize moments that are loved , seize the moments that are unforgettable. Fight time for after all you are the one who’s measuring time.

Be calculating. It is this calculating that has created the race for time. The calculating time keepers who bow down to time refuses to bow down to time keepers. Let me romance you and entice you and trap you so that you may love me and let me love you too, let’s fly together and not go apart.

Source: www.sundayobserver.lk