That Power !!


That Power !!

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

Oh, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive

And oh, I can fly, I can fly,

I can fly

And I love every second, minute, hour, bigger, better and stronger, power. It’s a Sunday morning and you are thinking about Monday, it’s just a day don’t break your head over it, it’s what you make of it. Have you ever stopped to admire where you are in life? Make Sunday your `Appreciation’ day and appreciate what you are and what you have.

What you have is not what you are, aspire! Aspire to be more than what you are. Always be open to what you could be in life, but never forget to appreciate what you are and where your from. Hitch hiking and waiting for someone else to give you an opportunity, proves that your making an effort to change your life and get somewhere but why get help?

2013 is the year for entrepreneurs if you’ve got an idea, work towards implementing it. Why let others take credit for your ideas, do it yourself.

The worse thing that can happen is you can either succeed or fail. It’s better than wondering whether your idea would have worked or not. Being On level ground helps towards identifying where you need to brush up and where you need to step up.

Yes you are feeling funky and fresh

Work to be the best

We’re good under pressure

Been through all that stress

Get this off my chest

Made it out in the project

Where will this project progress?

“A better life for you means a better life for everyone around you. If one peers into your life and sees your progress they automatically get motivated to develop themselves too. Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change their outer lives”, William James.

Are people born great? No ! You are what you eat, breathe, read and believe. No one is born great , you can become great by working towards greatness for example a good student can be a great student if he or she studies frequently and continuously strives to absorb information.

Nearly 300 differently-abled basket ball lovers are now basketball stars in Uganda. They didn’t let the fact that they were on wheelchairs or the fact that they don’t have funding keep them away from doing what they love. They saw their dream and made it work into reality. You have to want it bad enough.

Live fully in the present moment, when you live in the past or future you aren’t able to make things happen in the present. Be in the know and make things right. Don’t be scared to venture into new territory. Letting go of your comfort zone is a positive aspect. Explore your discomfort zones and turn them into a zone that you control, ’coz you got that power! Never give up! Giving up on one’s self is appalling. Collect inspiration from those around you. I have the most amazing friend in the world and each time I see the fighter in him the fighter that fights towards success, I am inspired. Be open to learning from people you know, love or even dislike.

I beat it through my mama

I told her what I was on it

One day I’ll be that number one

I take it higher and higher

I stay and buy attire

Keeping it burning like that fire!

Don’t lose the love, if you lose the love for anything you will lose yourself. Love is what keeps us going. You can’t deny that so start with loving yourself. Make a commitment to being happy and wanting the best for yourself.

Please do not confuse loving yourself with selfishness they are two different things. Selfish people are greedy and those who love themselves are satisfied with life and always look to helping others. Be happy first, before you help others then you can influence others to be happy too. You’ve got that power now use it and don’t abuse it!