Strip Off Vice, Put on Virtue


Strip Off Vice, Put on Virtue

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

VICE AND VIRTUE: Vice is easily leant without a master, whereas virtue requires a tutor.

Good habits are difficult to acquire but easy to live with.

Bad habits are easy to acquire but difficult to live with.

Entering the mind of a vandal is a tedious task, as you never know what to expect. Most of these culprits of vandalism are people you would never suspect. They look just like you and me, yet they have many ulterior motives.

Vandalism is not respected in today’s world. It is a tragic circumstance of low self-esteem and lack of intelligence. Vandalism occurs on the walls of buildings and cars. Vandals consider their destructiveness to be works of art. The depressing part of the whole situation is that vandals don’t realise they are identified as barbarians due to their barbaric behaviour.

If we walk around the country we can witness the unappreciated vandalism and graffiti on historical buildings and school walls.

This should be treated as a criminal offence as it is appalling to see the lack of respect for other people’s property and our country’s public property.

Vandals should strive to obtain morals and ethics as ethics form the inner core of a person. The power to change your personality lies in your mind. The mind is the ultimate creator of good and evil.

Use your mind constructively for the betterment of our country. Morality and discipline should be existent and active in people’s lives. If we don’t obtain morals and discipline there can be no progress.

Whenever I think of vandalism I remember being the victim of vandalism. When I was 12 my classmates vandalised my desk and chair by writing nasty comments about me. No one stood by my side as they wanted to be included in the cool circle!

I was absolutely disheartened yet I had to stand up for myself. No one was there to help me lift my desk and chair away , I was alone.

The humiliation was immense. It still remains in my childish heart. After this incident and many other incidents in my life, I pray that no one should go through such emotionally destructive incidents.

I hope smiles will always be existent and tears will be banished.

I hope vandals will think twice before they strike.

Will hopes go waste?

Will vandals keep striking?

Laughing along with vandals is not going to help. The time has come to stand up to fight vandals and the vandalism of public and private property. The biggest force is unity. Unity should be the weapon for all battles.

If we unite and protect our future generation from the temptation of vandalism we will be doing a well appreciated service towards mankind. The need for vandals to become more civilized is critical.

Maintaining a good mental attitude towards others in the face of obstructions is important as attackers of all kinds are sensitive. Though they hide their feelings very well, they are like small children. They need to be spoon-fed and told what is good and what is evil.

Vandalism can definitely be considered to be a form of bullying. Both vandalism and bullying are immoral acts. Most of the attackers vandalise and bully innocent people due to inferior complexes. Bullies and vandals need your help. Show them the brighter side of life. Explain to them the darkness that hatred brings into peoples lives. Lead them towards a better future.

The best stories in life are often those of heroes, heroic deeds and love. It is very rare that one hears of a complimenting story on vandals and I’m sure that there will never be one. Here is a message to all those who have been involved in vandalism at some point in their lives. Remember these precious and wise words from Gautama Buddha, “Though one should conquer a thousand men in battle, he who conquers his own self is the greatest of all conquerors”.

I hope that every vandal in this world gains the strength and ability to conquer themselves. The world can never be a better place unless you start caring more than you already do.

Your wealth can decorate your house,
But only your virtue can decorate you,
Your dress can decorate your body,
But only your conduct can decorate you.