Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle


Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

I wake up at 6 am on Friday and look outside my window. Hmmm what’s that up in the sky ? Is it a bird? Is it a plane no it’s my birthday mama mia oh how time flies. So many expectations, so many dreams planned out and then another year gone just when you think you have all the time in the world you are proved wrong.

Laugh like you’re 10

Party like you’re 20

Travel like you’re 30

Think like you’re 40

Advise like you’re 50

Care like you’re 60

Love like you’re 70

This was written on one of my birthday cards, I wish life was this easy. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an actual plan written out for each one of us to follow for real ,so we can set our minds on staying within the guidelines. C’est la Vie life is what you make of it !! So I decided to plan out how I’m going to conquer my years on earth I mean l like leading a life, but each time a birthday comes around you find yourself wondering if you’ve made the best out of your years on earth.

Why wonder and let another year wander away without accomplishing personal goals ? Follow my to-do list for this year. Try this out every time you celebrate your birthday and make sure you’ve achieved all these tasks before your next birthday so you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself brings oxygen to the soul. Without that feel- good factor we will be lifeless love is one example of a feel-good factor that we humans constantly expect and yearn for. As promised here are the tasks I have set for myself:

Push all bad qualities off board

* Drink water as I never do this

* Smile more often

* Eat healthy food

* Value myself

* Educate myself on something new

* No halfway complete every task by doing my best

I work really hard and never take any time off, but I never really feel like stopping work as I love what I do. I get to work with amazing people, visit places I’ve never been to before and understand different cultures. I never limit myself when it comes to work and love multi-tasking I love dwelling in many different ambitions and uncovering different sides to myself I never thought I had.

Discovering who you are through work is amazing, it’s such a raw and real process as the lows and highs of the “you” that is discovered could shock you about yourself. Understand that you are accountable for all the good and bad that’s in you.

The only person in the world you can be truly accountable for is yourself so pull yourself together if something’s not right, fix it.

I’ve made mistakes in my life and I have never denied this. Life is what you make of it and thus I have never repeated my mistakes and never will. Your ’20’s give you fever, but be hospitable to your family and friends while you run wild. Yeah sure it seems funny but it’s the truth.

They just don’t say there’s an age for everything for no reason its the gospel truth.

Whenever you try to grow up fast, life turns you around and puts you back where you belong.I remember watching a movie when I was a child and screaming out the lyrics of the heme song Born to be wild so loud that my mum took away the remote control.

Source: Daily News