Magical Moment Through a Ring of Harmony


Magical Moment Through a Ring of Harmony

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

FAITH: Religion has become a hollow talking point in our society.

Instead of asking a person you meet for the first time how they are doing, people don’t seem to ask what the other person’s religion is.

All religions encourage us to do good and to spread love and kindness to every living being.

So why is it necessary to hound someone about what religion they are following?

The other day I was invited for luncheonor women and the host introduced me to the other women present.

After the exchange of air kisses the interrogation began.

“So, Anarkalli are you a Buddhist or Catholic?” I looked at the woman with a blank expression on my face.

The woman then asked me with a cringe on her face, “Are you Muslim?” I remained absolutely silent.

My silence made her even more curious so she proceeded with yet another remark “Don’t be shy child, I have nothing against Hindus!” I then felt an immediate need to respond to this ridiculous matter.

Mrs. ‘X’ I said.

Could you please step out of the box you are in. Peace and happiness are not strangers in my life as I respect and follow all religions.

Maybe you will be able to pursue a more open-minded perspective of life if you do the same. She looked around at the other womenfaces. They were all nodding their heads in agreement. So as she probably didn’t want to be the odd one out she replied.

“That’s a very good point I apologise, really I do”. The topic of conversation then immediately switched to the food.

Religion doesn’t look at your financial situation, your race, your popularity or your disabilities.

Religion enables us to banish negative emotions. It instills in us an undying faith that we are not alone.

There is reason as to why we have faith in religion. Religion takes our minds and hearts through a journey to reach sacred wisdom, which is stored in the depth of our souls.

When our lives come to an end, we will not take anything with us. Therefore we should learn to be strong and not form any attachments.

Live everyday like it’s your last. If you obtain an emotional balance you will be easily able to be more considerate towards others.

Most public schools have religious studies as a subject. I applaud them as this is a very vital subject. I hope in the future more International Schools will also follow this example as we should encourage correct guidance.

Most children who don’t give into the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco follow and practice what is being preached in their respectful religions. Don’t try and conceal your vices, fight till you defeat them!

Sri Lanka is a multicultural and multiracial country with various values. So when it comes to the big picture if we can bring all these religious forces together we will have an unbelievable opportunity to reach out to many people.

Each and everyone of us is significant. We are all the same, we all breathe, we laugh, we cry and we bleed. If we take time to form a connection, a ring of harmony through religion that would truly be a magical moment.

Destructive thoughts create disaster. When we pray a lot of goodness go into our prayers. When we call out to our respectful higher beings, we say our prayers with passion.

For that moment nothing can break your concentration. When you pray out loud you release the joy you are wishing for into the atmosphere.

Stop following particular religions just because your friends or celebrities are encouraging you to join them. Listen to your heart. Religion is not only about wearing symbols around your wrist or neck. Religion is essential in our insane lifestyles, it helps us keep our feet on the ground.

There is an immense amount of derivative afflictions and most of them stem from anger. Resentment, spite, envy, jealousy and excitation help to create a terrorist.

To defeat terrorism, we need to pocess a clear mind. With this clear mind turn to your religion and pray. Pray for your sake, pray for your children, pray for the hope of a better and more peaceful Sri Lanka.