Be the Sparkle of the World


Be the Sparkle of the World

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

A storm is coming your way, yet you remain unmoved, the clouds above you are filled with tear- drops, the storm is waiting to howl and cry. You put up with the storm, nothing can dampen your spirit, because of your belief!

You raise your children and protect them like flowers in the safest environment at home,you know where they are every minute, yet when that school van comes and picks them up, you know that their return home is not in your hands.

Yet you don’t panic, because of your belief!

You invest all your money in your dreams and your dreams in the end become your worst nightmare, destroying your self esteem and robbing you of your hard earned money. You still don’t stop investing in your dreams, because of your belief!

Life is crazy, life is tough, failing your examinations really don’t bring you anything but misery. You have no choice but to venture out in to the world even before you grow up ahhhh the school of life, you remain strong, because of your belief!

When you meet with a life changing experience and things seem like they won’t ever be the same again, your ultimate aim is to prove yourself wrong, because of your belief!

Your going through a divorce and the stability of your family has been destroyed, you become the glue that holds what’s important together eradicating selfishness, because of your belief!

You believe that speaking your mind and sticking to your opinion matters to make your presence on earth felt, because of your belief!

The race you trained a year for puts you in fourth place you make it your mission to better your timing. You face the same race next year , you are unstoppable, because of your belief!

If you’ve been abused, harassed and mistreated. You know you don’t deserve it. You know your rights. You will not remain silent any more, because of your belief!

Spreading kindness in dangerous areas during chaotic times does not alter the amount of kindness you wish to extend. You want to make a difference, because of your belief!

A broken heart will never keep us away from falling in love again for being in love is bliss. Loving is forever, because of your belief!

We fight and strive for peace, harmony, equal rights, human rights for we know that living in a beautiful world can be a reality, because of your belief!

You believe that if you leave an example to follow you would be instrumental in moulding a generation of model leaders and heroes.Your eyes, heart, smile, humbleness speak volumes. For, you believe in the Mandela in you.Every child, teenager and adult goes through life learning about extraordinary people and Nelson Mandela has remained a constant figure to admire always.

We read about Madiba, listen to his speeches, study his life and we are exposed to his relationship with people through the media. Nelson Mandela inspires us and each of us has a Mandela in our hearts. Keep the Mandela in you alive, unique spirited people are born for a reason they are born to influence. Let good influence consume you, do not fall prey to negative gestures or negative influence. Through every normal experience we go through we look to the Mandela in us to fight it and come out victorious. This is Mandelanisation! Just like Madiba we never stop believing. Viva Madiba! Viva Nelson Mandela. Viva to the Mandela in you!

When you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same- Nelson Mandela (Long Walk to Freedom)