Having Sisters in Your Life Will Keep Strife Away (Forever)


Having Sisters in Your Life Will Keep Strife Away (Forever)

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

There’s no better feeling on earth than being heard and understood by another woman. As each and every woman would have shed the same tears and shared the same laughter in their lives at some point.

That moment of realization that we can relate on so many levels is an absolute blessing. 2013 has truly brought so many sisters into my life and my world has never been better. I’ve started making right and happy choices for me on a personal and professional level as I receive correct and awesome advice from so many great women around me. Having a sister or sister figure will always reassure you that you have someone else to turn to apart from your mother.

I personally don’t believe that we women have to battle for equal rights with men in our nation as we women are given equal and superior positions just as men are, yet I do believe we have to begin another battle. We have to battle to eradicate the myth amongst men and many, the myth that women are jealous of other women.

Well OK, I do admit that I too was a firm believer of this but everything changed this year. I chose to reject the myth and explore for myself if it could be possible for me to have a genuine and amazing friendship with the women who I meet and know.

The impact each and everyone of my new found friends have on my life is immense. I don’t find myself sad, alone or cornered at all any more and I’m pretty sure you can feel the same or even more phenomenal than me if you connect with more women and break the myth that we cannot live together in harmony.

It is proven through research that women who form strong female social ties live longer than those who choose to live without them. Women reaching out to be there for each other doesn’t mean its all about gossiping, pedicures, manicures and shopping fiestas. It’s all about building everlasting relationships that are based on caring, understanding, trust, sisterly love, fun and unity.

We used to live in a world where women depended on men for everything but times have changed and we can single-handedly take over the world. Guys may not approve of this new found ability but guess what women don’t care about what men think any more! Remember that whole Girl Power mania that hit the world when the Spice Girls launched their music career? Women all over the world started supporting their spirit and music.

Women looked to identify with each and every spice girl, they wanted to conquer the world and spice up their lives just like them.

Women’s appreciation of women’s success should never depreciate for the more we appreciate each other the more we will find ourselves living in a world that is surrounded by women who have values and are valued. Whilst men have a hard time digesting and appreciating women’s success, women encourage women to be independent now as they see that even the future of marriages today are unpredictable.

We cannot count on our partners being boyfriends or husbands to always be there for us, we have to work towards having our own individual success story to keep on developing. Girls together united can change the world. Think to yourself I am her, she is me.

If you run this thought through your mind every time you find yourself in a situation where you are about to avoid forming a friendship with a girl run this thought through your head. Each time some guy, some situation, some crazy moment intentionally or unintentionally makes you hurt another girl remember this thought.I am her. I hurt, I break, I feel, I want, I aspire, I believe. She is me. She hurts, she breaks, she feels, she wants, she aspires, she believes. Make the girls in your life your best friends, your workout buddies, your advisors, your motivation, your defenders, your shoulder to lean on and your joy.

Source: www.sundayobserver.lk