Preserve Positive Human Qualities


Preserve Positive Human Qualities

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

SOCIAL VICES: No signs of heartbeats, people hesitate to look at each other, never ending sighs, smiling has become unfamiliar. This dramatic change occurred when the announcement that good hearted human beings are soon to be an extinct species was made. Stories can be sugar coated but this is not a story, this is the truth.

In today’s society if we were to be fined every time we back-stab someone or gossip about some one, we would be bankrupt soon. Backstabbing, jealousy, gossiping and bullying are one family. I strongly believe that this family should be separated and defeated.

A very popular form of bullying in certain schools is called “Ten Things I Hate about X”. Basically it is that a group of people get together and spread ten things they hate about the victim around the school via word of mouth and notebooks.

This totally devalues the victim and makes him/her go into a phase where the victim slowly begins to believe what is being said could be true.

When I attended school I was a victim of bullying, I thought that adults weren’t like children and when I grow up that all this nonsense would come to a stop. But I was wrong. Children can be excused as they are still learning about life. It is up to the grown ups to set an example and to show them their faults and guide them to become better living beings.

I attended a wedding recently and I was seated with some of the bridegroom’s relations. As the bride stepped down from the Poruwa the back stabbing began.

“He could have done better. She’s not even smiling with the crowd,” said the first aunty.

“Aiyo, isn’t the food terrible,” said the second aunty.

“Here never mind the food, her father has run off with some other woman but the mother doesn’t seem to mind,” chipped in the third woman.

I was dumbfounded. These people were invited for the wedding to bless the couple and their marriage. As elders they were invited because the couple respected them and adored them, yet these women didn’t event think twice before slinging mud at the poor bride on the most important day of her life.

All these views were expressed at one table and I prayed that other guests would be more gentle and supportive.

The time you consume to gossip about someone is a total waste. Spend your time wisely. If you do something productive with that time you will always have a promising future. Some organizations never think of motivating their members.

Thinking of your own glory is a selfish deed. When we leave this world would you rather be known as a person who helped yourself or as a person who helped many? If our interaction with other people changes for the better, we may be able to even influence the mind frame of extremists and terrorists.

Let’s spread good nature and banish the term ‘enemy’ from existence. If we are to be recognised as credible people, we should not form opinions or bias about others. You may think you are winning people’s hearts by forming such opinions but the bitter truth might be that you’ve only pleased a minority. Positive human qualities are treasured forever. You will never lose anything by being good hearted. You will always gain.

Even when it comes to projecting to other countries, we Sri Lankans share positive attitudes towards each other. It sets an excellent example of how a progressful nation should be. Being two faced is very temporary.

Very soon your mask will fall off and people will find out who you truly are. The exterior of a person is meaningless and the interior of a person will always leave a lasting impression.

A person cannot be superior alone. We humans stand as the superior race, always together. If you find that you are being treated badly, be patient never fall to the same level.

Don’t look back at that situation. Just look forward. Children, teens, adults, parents and teachers it is in your hands to defeat the seductiveness of gossiping, backstabbing and bullying. Strive to preserve positive human qualities before it’s too late.