One Game, One Loss But Much Inspiration


One Game, One Loss But Much Inspiration

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

I’m loving it with Anarkali:

Batsmen found it hard to gather momentum as pitch conditions were tailor-made for bowlers earlier on. All the younger guys need to take responsibility for the failure including me. We would have bowled too if we had won the toss. The character exhibited after the first match was brilliant – Captain Angelo Mathews after the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013.

On June 20 the whole nation was ready for cricket fever and when things were not going our way, many people walked away and didn’t even watch the match. That’s not Sri Lankan! Sri Lankans don’t walk away, especially when the going gets tough. Our national team has always been gentlemanly on the field and deserve our respect. Representing a country is not easy, apart from playing the game they have the added task to project to the world what Lankan team work is all about. Don’t go away when our boys need support. At the most,stick together. Through every mistake there is a lesson to be learned.

Life’s lessons can be learned through sport, you just have to be willing to learn.

The Sri Lanka versus India match was only a cricket match after all. Don’t inspire racism in cricket. It’s a game, test of skill and we have to be enough to realise that India brought their game on and won in style. Even though we lost the semi finals, watching our team going like they would stop breathing if they stopped believing, was such an eye opener I imagined myself in their situation wishing I had their spirit when I face impossible challenges. The day after the semi finals I logged on to Facebook and created this status:

Heartbroken about the last match, but inspired the way our team kept at it. Team work and you can do it! Forever champions with or without the trophy. It’s not about winning, its all about how you play the game if you master and study this lesson you have achieved greatness!

“Do you know what my favourite part of the game is? It’s the opportunity to play,” Mike Singletary former NFL player and coach.“Watching injured, Dilshan play like an injured solider was so inspiring. He didn’t want to let go of the chance to play, he didn’t want to let his motherland down.”

Never let your head hang down, never give up and sit down and grieve, find another way’s – Satchel Paige, former American baseball player. Watching Angelo Mathews, our young blood perform under pressure scoring 51 runs and getting the first wicket of Rohit Sharma was so fearless. There maybe players better than Angelo Mathews or better players as Captains yet he is our teams Captain so respect that. I’m not asking you to forget the past but learn to respect the present and future too.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right” – Billie Jean King , former world number 1 professional tennis player. A friend made a comment stating that we have always been destined to lose against India after Jayasuriya’s retirement. This is false in 2010 we had a memorable win against India in the West Indies. It’s so funny how people just tend to forget all the victories when you go through a loss.Winning is just a by-product of competition, it’s healthy to have competition and be defeated at times too,as it makes us want to do better.Yes, it’s understood that at the end of the day we are trying to win,yet we must also realise that it’s just a game.

Adults should learn that children closely study then and follow their reactions. The next time you react after a match with a negative attitude, try not to spread this energy towards the little ones. As adults we cannot let children believe that losing a match is a life changing situation because it’s not. If we can win it’s fantastic and if not, then it’s not the end of the world.

There are more matches and trophies to be won. It’s easy to point another person’s mistakes and speak out about someone else’s defeat yet, when the spotlight is on you and people begin to highlight your mistakes then what will you do? You become sad, angry and defensive. Yes, a majority of you would be furious about someone rubbing in your failures and writing you off, so why would you do the same to “our boys” and “our team”?

They may be bigger or smaller than us, stronger or weaker, richer or poorer, literate or illiterate, they represent our country. They are the reason we are known internationally as sportsmen as gentlemen on the cricket field .

They are one of the main reasons our country is recognised. It’s not for their losses by for their victories gained on the cricket field. Most importantly for the way they play the game. All TV watchers and cricket enthusiasts, inspire the team and they will go on!