No Country is Beautiful Without Peace


No Country is Beautiful Without Peace

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

When you wake up in the morning start thinking about how you can make your life beautiful, what is required to enjoy a fearless sweet carefree life ? What do we need to maintain a household? To develop a country ? To raise a family ? The answer to all these questions is peace.

Before I start my column today I like to stress on the fact that all religions encourage us to do good deeds and that we should respect all religions. Being a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian doesn’t mean your on different teams and that you have to compete with each others’ religions. All religions spread love, peace and harmony .It’s one message being conveyed in various beautiful ways. Be intelligent enough to see and understand this .Buddhism is a path, a technique, a way of life, which may be followed by all irrespective of caste, color or creed.

This path I pray will not be changed by those who follow Buddhism.

Today we are going to use teachings from Buddhism to discuss, Peace. Putting into practice the Buddhist ideals of selflessness, compassion, respect and equality is a sure way to guide us to obtain true peace. We all enjoy being respected by others but we easily forget to be respectful to others, “do not do unto others what you would not wish done unto you”.

Think about it , how can people live together in peace , as one, when there is no respect, if respect is not present, equality will disappear. Equality is key to achieve world peace and the way to preserve world peace is to embrace co-existence, all races and nations big and small should be selfless . I want to share with you six ways through Buddhist teachings that we may observer to get closer to peace.

1. Don’t hesitate to spread compassion when there is hatred.

2.Offer forgiveness in place of hostility.

3.Foster faith in times of doubt.

4.Bring the light of wisdom to the darkness of ignorance.

5.Strive to raise the spirit of hope and optimism in times of frustration and hardship.

6. Be selfless and give comfort in times of sadness.If we all get together irrespective of class, race and nation and put to practice these 6 points we are using our power to do, to work, to want, to bring to achieve, peace.Carry this teaching from the Buddha with you, Peace comes from within,do not seek it without. Your time on earth is limited choose to live your life with others in absolute harmony, live as if you are living in heaven on earth.

Greed and hatred begin wars. Don’t fill your heart with hatred only make room in your heart for beautiful emotions .War and peace are both man made. Which one are you contributing to?