Leverage Your Assets


Leverage Your Assets

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

ASSETS: They don’t use the term “If you’ve got it flaunt it!” for no reason.

Today’ everyone has talent, determination and dreams. Therefore we have to face immense competition.

Let’s take a small child as an example. When we give a small child crayons and paper, the child’s scribbles could be the first sign of artistic ability.

Parent’s duty is to encourage the child and help the child to recognise his/her talent. Every parent’s dream is to see their children succeed in life.

A parent should be able to notice a child’s ability and talent from an early age as the child will then easily be able to leverage that it when the time permits.

We have to accept that not everyone can be an architect, lawyer or a doctor.

Never force your loved ones to choose a career they are not comfortable with. If they feel that their dream is to become Kandyan dancers, allow their dreams to be fulfiled.

Your loved ones hold full ownership over their talents and dreams. However hard it maybe to accept, your loved ones choice, always remember it’s their life and their dreams.

When you recognise your asset the second most important point is learning how to market and leverage your asset.

Having an asset and not making use of it, is definitely a foolish choice.

Never doubt yourself. Everyone has an asset. It maybe your smile, it maybe your personality, or your knowledge.

In today’s competitive world, think of yourself as a package and how you wish to market yourself. Companies look out for young sales people who are enthusiastic, talented and able to market skills. You don’t have to be attractive to succeed in the marketing world, if you use your intelligence and understand the brand you are trying to market.

Your marketing skills and product knowledge will become your asset.

I always remember my first doctor, Dr. Stella Silva.

She was an excellent Paediatrician, she made all the children forget their sicknesses.

There was a balloon salesmen outside and dolls and inside teddies inside the hospital.

Dr Stella’s practice reminded all crying babies of Disney Land and I’m sure all our parents were relieved that they didn’t have to amuse us.

Learning languages can also become a big asset, as knowing Chinese, Japanese, English, German can be useful in communicating for business, tourism and foreign employment.

Never try to apply for a job of any standard in a foreign country without mastering the language. You must understand you are on foreign soil and you can’t be asking for assistance each time you sign an agreement or have lost your way around in the city.

Curiosity should not be written off as a negative trait, use your trait positively by making curiosity your asset.

Curiosity should be used to gain productive intelligence. Use your curiosity to find new and unique information.

Being an informed individual will definitely give you a head start in whatever career you choose.

You may sometimes face extreme criticism for flaunting your assets. Be broad minded, when you face such situations use forgiveness as an asset and forgive your enemy’s ignorance.

Your enemy in turn will be shocked by your approach of the situation and will soon be bored. Help influence their mind.

At the end of the day who needs enemies? Leverage forgiveness as an asset and become a well respected and popular individual.

Leverage your assets well, recognise your assets and develop on your assets till you reach perfection.

Source: www.dailynews.lk