Let’s Get Together and Learn to Look After Ourselves


Let’s Get Together and Learn to Look After Ourselves

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

SAFETY FIRST:Let’s get together as a nation and learn to look after ourselves and our fellow beings.

If we gain higher knowledge of safety in our motherland we can ensure that we are making a contribution by informing others about safety measures.

The first point we are going to focus on is regarding public safety.

When you are in public places bus stands, coffee shops etc. look out for suspicious mannerisms, actions, and suspicious objects being carried by people.

When you feel that your judgement of the situation is correct then you should address higher authority, do not hesitate to call 118,119 or 2433333.

Please refrain from dialling the above numbers if you are unsure about your observation.

When you are driving and suddenly find you are being followed, without panicking remain stable and take note of the other vehicles license plate number. Make sure you lock your car doors while travelling, call one of your friends from your mobile phone and ask them to report the situation you are in and drive towards the nearest Police Station.

When you are attending functions in large areas such as stadiums, theatres etc, learn to avoid walking around lonely places where people can easily lose track of you. If you need to cry out for help you need to make sure people are going to hear you or notice that you are in trouble.

If you follow this advice you can avoid tragedies like robbery, harassment etc. When travelling abroad friends, relations, distant acquaintances may ask you to carry parcels and presents to their friends etc. on their behalf. Always attempt to refrain from carrying packages on behalf of other people unless you are well aware of the contents inside the parcels.

Never position yourself on danger zones unnecessarily always think of your safety and the publics safety, another important rule you should follow when travelling is to never leave your baggages unattended at any time.

The drinking of contaminated water is also a public hazard, this hazard can be easily destroyed if the public boil their tap water or well water properly before consumption.

The drinking of contaminated water can infect the public with deadly diseases like Cholera. You can safeguard your family and friends by boiling, filtering and chlorinating water as these processes kill harmful bacteria. Please ensure that all water used for drinking, cooking etc must be boiled well, as this is the most effective manner of stopping the transmission of Cholera.

When one is out socialising, you must be alert about what is being poured into your glass at dinners, cocktails etc. Always make sure that they open the bottle of beverage in front of you before they pour the bottles contents into your glass.

After following this advice make sure your glass is with you at all times if you leave your glass and decide to go outside and come back avoid drinking the same drink you served before, order yourself a fresh drink.

This may seem silly to you at first yet we must always be on guard as people can spike your drink causing you to fall unconscious etc. It is a well understood fact that parents will do anything to keep their children happy as they love them more than anything in this world.

Even though you may think that it is alright to send your child to spend the day or spend the night at his/her friends house, make sure you get properly acquainted with your child’s friends parents.

Gain a basic understanding of their family background, the parent’s mental state, the environment they are residing in etc.

Make sure your child is in safe hands even though it may be only for a few hours, it only takes a few seconds for something to go wrong. Safeguarding your child’s youth by guarding their minds from the sound of obstructive and destructive images as well as sound is vital.

Children might have a million ways of justifying why they enjoy listening or looking at such images but the parent should understand that they must safeguard their children’s pure minds from corruption as children get very easily influenced.

The present generation should always set a good and healthy example for the future generation to follow. This will only increase the quality of people in the world for the better. Help your child make the right choices in life in order to save the good human beings in them.

Never leave room for regrets, learn to look, listen and trust your intuition.

Similarly, if you notice that someone’s safety, health etc. is at risk don’t waste time in informing them about your observation there is no room for insensitive people on this earth, love and care makes the world go round. Protect and safe guard your fellow brothers and sisters of Mother Lanka.

Source: www.dailynews.lk