Hard Work Brings Victory To Those Who Work For It!


Hard Work Brings Victory To Those Who Work For It!

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

After a long day at work, I just couldn’t help but wonder what my successes and failures had in common and voila! it’s hard work! It all started making sense, I had to put in hard work to obtain success and I had to put in hard work again to surpass failure.

That’s just it , when the going gets tough you can’t just sit there and wait for things to blow over, you have to make things happen. Get in the driving seat of your vehicle called life and drive it. Your destiny does not have a remote control , you’ve got to get up and change it.

Personal growth is the most rewarding gift you could ever receive and when you put in hardwork to improve and enhance your inner self you really begin to understand how powerful you are .

Try and move your spirit by trying to understand your vulnerability, try and see how you may push your knowledge further by applying pressure on your brain to constantly absorb and learn to see your faults without making excuses to cover them up.

You can cover yourself up with a blanket but know that the blanket will come off, when the heat gets unbearable. Face the music , face your self do not go by thinking that it’s just the world that needs changing.T he world changes everyday with or without your help, but for you to change you have to help yourself.

People may assist you but no one can really help you permanently except yourself. Our outer skin , our exterior might be scarred or harmed but our spirits are never harmed it’s an illusion you create, a defence mechanism that you create to guard yourself from that scary realisation that change is going to occur.

Stop trying to run away from change by just giving in and letting change consume you,invest in yourself and create the change you want to see in yourself. If you want to be someone who creates a future for themselves if you want to be a rockstar achiever in society, I kid you not,hard work is the only thing that’s going to get you there!

Many people will tell you that its hard to do without talent, well think again. Talent will put you on to the fast lane but it won’t keep your approach steady and it would not allow you to have any stops on the way to be different, bends and stops will make your journey of success a memorable and beautiful one.

2013 has truly been an eye opener for me as it has shown me that if I want to push my talent further I should want it bad enough to make it happen.

It’s made me realise that all I have at the moment in the world out there, is what people have uploaded on the web and in society of me. I realised that fighting what people believe of me is pointless but that I can also have what I believe ‘I am’ out there in society too and that won’t happen by me just batting my eyelids. I’ve got to take interest in myself and work on getting that message across.

If I told you that there is a pill out there called the ‘success pill’ and it makes you successful and eliminates failure in your life, wouldn’t you take it? You would wouldn’t you? Let’s try and understand this situation, you taking this pill would be out of sheer desperation and helplessness. Ok do you feel good being helpless? Presciptions and pills don’t always have answers, we too have a massive role to play to make things work.

Anthony Hamilton had the most amazing breakthrough moment and I want to be able to say this to myself and have this same experience. I thought if I shared this quote with you, it would give me a chance to let you know a little bit of what I’m striving for as well, I learned patience, perseverance, and dedication.

Now I really know myself, and I know my voice. It’s a voice of pain and victory. Things don’t just happen and by you taking shortcuts you’ll be stuck once you reach your destination as you wouldn’t know how to maintain your stance and you wouldn’t know what to do once you reach your goal either.

If you want success your going to have to go through pain , pain is your light not your darkness. Learn to use this pain to your benefit and you will be victorious.

I was watching Oprah Winfrey’s, Harvard Commencement speech and was touched about how such an iconic personality was so honest about her struggle after leaving her comfort zone and starting her OWN network.

The world dubbed her move as a disaster even before the network took off making her feel like she was heading for disaster. She didn’t answer or snap back. She took a look at where OWN was heading and paved a better road for herself.

No one knows what sort of road you enjoy driving on, better than yourself and when you pave your own road there will be no limit to where you wish you could go.

You will not feel tired when you feel things turn around you will not feel that hurt in your soul anymore. If people like Oprah begin to tell you that it took time to turn her network around with all her power, money and connections then you shouldn’t be scared if the change you want takes time either.

Don’t waste time by verbally abusing time.Treat it as you would treat a friend and enjoy every minute of working towards that goal of yours.

Everyday is a day that was created by God for you to learn, to learn about yourself , about others and about the world around you. To embrace all positive aspects of the world you have to work towards creating this environment around yourself.

Work ethics seem military at times but once you begin to look at the reasoning behind them you see why they were created. To see things clearly you need a sound mind first, work ethics in a competitive world, sets you apart from everyone else. It’s all about how you role!

Control and dedication are leaders in work ethics, master these two things and you will be welcome to work among leaders in any field. Training your core is all about control and dedication, I’m not talking about developing your abdominal muscles here, I’m talking about your inner core , your soul and personality.

Developing an unsinkable inner core is what makes someone immortal.

A controlled approach to life is not only a responsible way of living, it is also a good way of teaching and showing children good values. Too much of anything is not good it’s just too much!

Having a constant personality check requires control and dedication and there’s always a plus factor in doing this yourself.

You won’t have other people on your case about issues you’ve got going on inside of you as you’ve already addressed them. See now that’s powerful. Taking control of yourself instead of controlling someone else is unshakable power. Hard work pays off, it may not happen right now, tomorrow or any time soon but it will in the end and when it does your going to look back and you , yourself are going to want to revisit your story of how you got there. Work hard and stay cool!

Source: www.sundayobserver.lk