Bringing Glory


Bringing Glory

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

Bring glory to your names , bring glory to your being. We are born to bring glory to our existence and to our ancestors we have to make our presence on earth felt and make a difference. Do you ever find yourself wondering whether you bring glory to this world?

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful and more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking

– Agnes de Mille

When you wake up in the morning and appreciate the glorious sunshine stop and realise that you are glorious , as appreciation is glorious. When you love someone, realise that the ability to love is glorious.

When you speak words of goodness realise that building a vocabulary of goodness is glorious. When you look in the mirror and smile, realise that self-acceptance is glorious. Recognising the strength of nature or realising that and understanding the strength that’s around you, is glorious. Jump, scream and shout, smile till it hurts, hug, punch jealousy in the face and never be ashamed to want glorious things in life to happen to you.

Glory is created, glory is explored, glory is celebrated and passed on by you. Create the things you wished existed and glory will be yours. No guts means no glory. If you don’t have the guts to step out of your comfort zone and reach for the stars and then you will never experience glory. Glory never enters the lives of the weak you have to want to create greatness you have to dream of accecesorising your armour with glory.

If you are training for a race, train to win. If your entering an art competition create winning art. If you want to look good make the effort to look your winning best.

If you want to drown people’s negativity dominate the environment with a winning attitude.

Glory is waiting to be your shadow it’s waiting to be your partner and walk besides you Just learn that you should earn glory . Glory is around you and you are glory but for glory to embrace your being for life, you’ve got to earn it’s praise too.

Magnify your glory, make it larger than life be joyous of all that you can do and do each thing you wish to using your ultimate efforts. I believe that all my friends and family will feel better about themselves, I believe that each and everyone on earth will start treating each other better, I believe that love will rule without objection, I believe that glory will be embedded in every human being’s life. I’m optimistic, I’m a lover of life, my soul dances, my heart prays and my mind is impatient to speak its positive thoughts most importantly I believe, therefore I am glorious.

I leave you with excerpts of a poem that I love so much.

The glory of the day was in her face,
The beauty of the night was in her eyes.
And over all her loveliness,
The grace of Morning blushing in the early skies.
And in her voice, the calling of the dove;
Like music of a sweet, melodious part.
And in her smile, the breaking light of love; And all the gentle virtues in her heart

– The Glory of the Day was in her face by James Weldon Johnson