Bottle Up The Habit


Bottle Up The Habit

by Anarkalli Aakarssha

ALCOHOLISM: people’s lives are spent at parties, fashion shows, business functions and bars.

At these venues a dangerous criminal intrudes our lives and attempts to seduce us and damage our health.

This criminal is well recognised as alcohol or ethanol.

As soon as you take alcohol in to your system 20 per cent of the alcohol is immediately absorbed through the stomach wall, the remaining 80 per cent takes a bit longer as it travels through the small intestine and then enters the bloodstream.

Alcohol has unpleasant side effects as well as long-term health risks.

It is true that certain medical studies have proven that consuming 1-2 drinks daily reduces the risk of heart disease, yet this should not become an excuse to drink more than your body requires.

Alcoholism is chronic, progressive and potentially fatal. Until recently alcoholism was largely considered a “guy problem”. Today it has taken a dangerous turn with women being recognised as alcoholics.

Mothers to be should remember that a large amounts of alcohol can seriously affect the development of the baby’s brain and other organs. Whatever alcohol amount you consume enters your bloodstream as well as your baby’s.

Would you rather be known an alcoholic mother or a loving mother? Think of your unborn child’s life and yours. Your decision to drink alcohol will destroy the wellbeing of your family.

Among the many diseases caused by excessive consumption of alcohol are hepatitis and cirrhosis. These two fatal diseases directly affect our liver.

Brain damage is yet another torturous result of alcoholism which leads to memory loss and the destruction of thinking power in adults.

When a person is drunk that person becomes unaware of his/her actions. this may lead to physical and verbal abuse. Without that person’s knowledge he/she may be involved in a violent and dangerous situation. For instance road accidents and murder.

You may only realise the impact of your behaviour later on or the next day and when you find yourself in Court or behind bars, you will regret drinking alcohol for the rest of your life.

Alcoholism not only directly affects you, it also affects the lives of those who are dear to you; your family and friends.

Housewives find the men they marry return home as drunkards and not husbands.

If we look at how alcohol emotionally and mentally affects a housewife of a drunkard you will find women crying out for help as most housewives very commonly become victims of domestic violence due to their husband’s drunk and unstable state.

Men should realise that their behavior will affect their family as well as their relationship with others.

When you are an alcoholic you become a bitter person. You are dependant on alcohol to erase stress and worries and you lose your ability to concentrate on work.

When the environment of a home becomes affected by alcohol, children become lost.

Children trust that their parents always make the right choice, so when they see their parents choose alcohol as a necessity, they are forced to believe that their parents are making a positive move.

Misinforming your child is unforgivable. As a parent and guardian to nurture your child’s future you must ensure your child does not consume alcohol.

Impersonating your parents walk, impersonating your parents laugh are innocent and safe but impersonating your parents drinking requires you to stop and ask a doctor or psychologist. It’s sad but it’s true.

If you find that your friends or colleagues are laughing at you as you are not drinking with them, ignore their laughter and attempt to convince them to join you for a better and healthier life.

When you are educated about the dangers of alcohol and alcoholism, it is your duty to alert individuals and awaken them before it’s too late.

You have the ability to control your life.

As Thomas Edison says, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.

Be committed to your mission, start your life again. Get rid of your bad habit of depending on alcohol.

Relationships with your family and friends are more valuable than a relationship with a bottle or glass of alcohol. Learn to say cheers to life whilst remaining sober.