Under the Christmas tree on the Buzz!!!! with Danu

Dec 22, 2016

What would you like to see under the Christmas tree?

Today on the Buzz!!!! with Danu, I catch up with a few on what they would like to see under the Christmas tree for the year 2016. Christmas is a time that always makes us feel like children, and there is nothing which is right or wrong, so have a read on what they like! And do let me know what you will like to see under your tree, to add a few next week on danu@danu.lk.

What I would like to see is a timeless amount of joy, as our country needs it, and we have been through enough, so let’s make everyday Christmas! – Danu

This Christmas. my mother said that it’s not what is under the tree that matters but who’s around it. So in lieu of gifts, I decided to give everyone my personal opinion while sitting around the tree. – Krys Sosa

I would like to see fresh lamprais from DBU underneath my Christmas tree this year! – Anarkalli Aakarssha

Okay, here goes! This year, under the Christmas tree I hope to see something naughty and nice! Let Santa decide what he wants to do with that!!! – Anitra Pieris

Tickets for a world tour! – Sammani Pathiranagama

My Disney World kit consisting of an adult Disney costume, selfie stick and of course the tickets (one way preferably!) – Melissa Dharmadasa

Since I’ve been a good girl this year, my list is endless but I’d like to see some new dance shoes and a Fitbit under the tree this Christmas! – Tarja De Silva

Under the Christmas tree this year, I would love to see an expressway from Colombo to Kandy, as I travel to Kandy from Colombo, and vice verse, a few times a week! – Ayesh De Fonseka

Happiness! – Malsha Kumaranatunga

Hmm… elves! I’ve always wanted help multitasking! – Ashanthi de Alwis

I hope to see equality and justice for all people! – Aritha Wickramasinghe

Five clones of me – there’s so much more I have planned for the brand. – Damith Cooray

An invitation to fit the president of Sri Lanka with a LOVI sarong. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? – Asanka de Mel

Well, new challenges and new expectations to keep me driving forward and to keep me hungry as ever to achieve all the new tasks and obstacles in front of me. Right now I’m finishing my degree in international business at ANC which I will be graduating next year as a Bachelor of International Business. Furthermore, I’m head of PR at Café Français by Pourcel, which is located in Park Street Mews. So tackling studies, work and modelling together is tiring but, all the hard work put in will always have a solid outcome later on. So right now I’m going with the flow of life, and that’s how I prefer going on with life and that’s what you see under the tree this year, cheers! – Daham Dias

Love to see lots of toys for all the poor children and less fortunate kids! – Harpo Gooneratne