We are so happy to announce that Anarkalli will be the new brand ambassador for an all natural skin care line! More details are coming soon.

Heritage Month at Macy’s Beverly Center celebrates Nigel Barker ’s Sri Lankan heritage!

Who is Nigel Barker? International fashion photographer, reality TV host , author, spokesperson, filmmaker, and former model. As an author Nigel’s f

New Movie for 2016!

Once Anarkalli visited Sri Lanka in 2016 she did not forget her fans. She accepted an invitation to participate in TV Derana’s New Years short film

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TV Derana Interview with Mother

While on holiday in Sri Lanka in July 2017 Anarkalli participated on TV Derana for an interview with

Under the Christmas tree on the Buzz!!!! with Danu

What would you like to see under the Christmas tree? Today on the Buzz!!!! with Danu, I catch up wit